portable silent oilless air compressor for airbrush TG230

Noiseless Airbrush Compressor that is less than 30dB.The new design air compressor, which is ideal for most airbrush. Portable design features automatic shut off at 80.94 psi, and will immediately start again at 35.5psi.

Big Air Compressor (W-0.8/12.5) with CE

  • Double Stages
  • 200-450r/min
  • Duplex
  • 3-10 Gauge Pressure
  • Turbine
  • CE

Screw Air Compressor with Adsorption Dryer

  • Direct Cooling
  • Enter Value Here (e.g.: 12 Inches)
  • SDL-20
  • CE
  • for Refrigerate

Absorption Air Dryer/Absorption Compressed Air Dryer/Desiccant Air Dryer/Desiccant Compressed Air Dryer/Regenerative Air Dryer/Regeneration Air Dryer/Air Dryer

  • 0~30 Celsius Degree
  • 45m3/Min
  • 0.01ppm
  • -20~-70 Celsius Degree (Optional)
  • 6~10bar
  • HSD-40MXF
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